Property Insurance

Fire and Allied Perils Insurance

Fire and special perils policy is an insurance contract that safeguards the insured against unforeseen contingency caused by accidental fire, lightning, explosion, aerial devices, manmade perils in the form of riots, strikes etc. natural calamities like earthquake, storm, tempest, flood, damage caused by impact of a road vehicle, bursting and/or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus and pipes.

Property All Risks Insurance

An all-risk property insurance policy means that the policy will cover everything, except the perils which are clearly listed under the exclusion header. This means that if the Event causing the Damage is not specifically excluded from the all-risk property insurance policy, it would be covered by the insurer.

Industrial All Risks

Adequate property insurance to protect your assets against Fire, Burglary, Allied Perils and Natural Catastrophes in addition to numerous benefits complementary to the initial cover.