Our Strategy

Our Vision

World class insurance. People to people. All across Lebanon.

Our Mission

A qualified professional insurance team, determined to secure individuals and businesses across Lebanon with peace of mind, through excellence, responsiveness, promptness, governance and credible relations.

Our Strategic Objectives

We identified four strategic objectives that will enable us to achieve our vision:

Happy Customers

Focus on Excellence & Governance


Engaged Employees

Happy Customers
Our goal is to make our customers happy. We strive to gain customers trust by providing the peace of mind they need, even if that means going the extra mile. We will extend our products to be the first choice of our customers, personalize our service to individual needs to continuously come back and to make them our brand advocates.
Focus on Excellence & Governance
We aim to be recognized as a leader in areas as operations, technology and governance. Having operational excellence means we will continuously improving our processes to drive better business performance, enhance the customer experience and make the organization a good place to work. We will also focus on implementing the best practices in corporate governance to manage our business right and also to meet regulatory requirements.
We understand that technology is driving the biggest opportunities for change in all our industry. With technology, we will be able to automate the majority of our processes and provide customers with services that we could not offer in the past.
Engaged Employees
We put people first. Our employees’ engagement is an important element of our strategic success and will continue to be so. We create an environment where all our people can be at their best and we invest on them to build the workforce of the future. Living our values without compromising, we deliver our growth ambitions to drive business value and to provide a greater customer experience.

Our Values
We are committed & accountable individuals and teams for our behavior, actions and results
We uphold the highest standards of integrity in our actions. We are honest & trustworthy in dealing with customers, coworkers, shareholders & the communities we serve
We recognize & empower talented employees to take initiatives and stimulate continuous improvements.
We all work together with respect & communicate openly as one team. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise in identifying issues and solutions.
We embrace change, for ourselves and for our customers & partners. We nurture creativity & fresh ideas by anyone within the organization, to maximize business opportunities.