Governance, Transparency and Anti-Money Laundering, a move towards International Standards23th September 2020

Al MORAKEB Al TA’MINI published an interview with Trust Compass Team titled “Governance, Transparency and Anti-Money Laundering, a move towards International Standards “ on August 2020 issue no 345.

The interview started with Trust Compass’ Chairman, Mr. Ahmad Tabaja, retracing the Company’s journey since 1992, while highlighting how the company was able to maintain a strong position due to its conservative approach to business. When asked about Mr. Ghazi Abou Nahl, the Group Chairman, Mr. Tabaja stressed on the Group’s strong will to invest in Lebanon, a country that is dear to Mr. AbuNahl’s heart in the insurance, banking and real estate sectors.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Georges Ayoub, then stressed on the strategy followed by Trust Compass in Lebanon to rise among the few Leaders of the Market by meeting with its obligations and presenting continuously a new set of products to the public.

Finally, the interview concluded with the company’s Risk and Compliance Manager, Mr. Mohamad Darwish, explaining the importance of the company’s action to promote transparency and move towards a good corporate governance and to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.